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Tom Brown, DVM adn Sarah BrownCommitment

A Message from Dr. Brown

As a veterinarian entrusted with the well-being of animals, people have spoken to me many times about boarding their dogs and cats. Their concerns have served a key role in creating a special place for pets.

Our goal is to provide a boarding experience with plenty of hands-on attention and fun things to do; where owners find an extraordinary range of convenience and service, and have the assurance their pets are in good hands.

As we have gone forward, we have built upon the knowledge and care provided to animals by my grandfather and father, both respected veterinarians who practiced in the Plattsburgh area.

The result is a new standard for healthy and loving boarding -- the Adirondack Pet Lodge where we would be proud and honored to welcome you and your pet as part of our family.

We love our pets too, they are a big part of our family. We love to hike, swim, walk, and play with them. They add lots of fun to our everyday life. Like when they get sprayed by a skunk!

- Tom Brown, DVM and Sarah Brown, Owners/Operators

The Brown Dogs

Here, you'll find options to provide the extra personal touch, a choice of luxury and regular suites, individual and group-supervised play sessions, grooming, and even the ability to watch and check up on your precious pal anytime you wish via the Internet.

We are uniquely designed to keep dog tails wagging and cats purring. Step inside our innovative Adirondack-style facility and you will discover a pet-pleasing environment with special lighting, appealing wall colors and carefully picked aromas to help guests relax and unwind. Our landscaped grounds include secure play areas -- both indoor and outdoors, and an imaginative nature trail.

We are committed to providing love and attention. Neutered and spayed dogs have the option to romp with other friendly dogs of similar size during group play. Holidays are also a lively time. We have special themes to make your pet's stay with us all the more delightful and fun.

Added assurance: Adirondack Pet Lodge is veterinarian owned and operated. One of our many trained staff members is always on hand day and night. And a veterinarian is on emergency call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We could like to also note that we have a upstairs tenant that pay attention to the facility, so there is always someone present.

Relax. Everything is in place to give your pet a big hello and the creature comforts of home.