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Doggie Daycare

Every dog deserves a day off with the gang. Why not yours? Our doggy day care service is a structured day of play and social interaction for your pet.

At 6:30am our day starts with drop-offs. Daycare begins at 8am. We escort your pet to the daycare room where an active day of running and catch are in order. Our daycare is constantly supervised to make sure everyone is acting like ladies and gentlemen. Playtime is held in two shifts starting at 8:00am until noon and from 2:00pm until 6 pm. Nap and snack time are between noon and 2pm.

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Dogs staying with us and day visitor pets are able to socialize with other dogs off leash. All dogs go through a screening process before being allowed to play in daycare. The play group will be determined by our staff based on size, personality, temperament, and lodge capacity. The indoor and outdoor play areas will be supervised by our trained staff.

Daycare is currently open Monday thru Saturday of each week. Dogs must be spayed/neutered by the time they are 6 months old to be allowed in daycare. For the safety of our group, there is a 10 am and 2 pm cut off to join the daycare group. You may still drop your dog off after 10am; however they will board until naptime ends at 2 pm. We charge by the day, not by the night or by the hour. It’s either a half day or full day charge.

For Daycare Introductions (meaning new dogs) you need to call for reservations and set up an appointment to be tested in the pack. This is usually done from 8am to 9am. Introductions are done on Tuesdays and Wednesdays or by appointment. No introductions are done on Saturdays or holidays when we are closed or holiday weekends we are open.