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PuppyPuppy Pre-K

Saturdays - 12:30 to 1:30

So you have a new puppy; and you know that socialization is key in having a happy, healthy dog. Puppy Pre-K is a new way to start socializing your new buddle of joy with other puppies just their size! Puppies can start as early as 9 weeks old and stay until 20 weeks, depending upon breed.

As an added bonus, we encourage you stay and watch "the kids" play and romp around as you visit with other puppy owners. This may help you as well! Feel free to talk with other owners or our trained staff for advice on the trials and tribulations of puppyhood. Also, this will allow your new friend to learn what mom was enforcing at "home" and will help your pup to become skilled at how to "speak dog." So when they grow up big and strong, meeting new people or dogs, visiting new places, like doggy daycare and dog parks will be a breeze!

DON'T FORGET! It is important to insure that your pup is healthy before you bring him or her to the Pet Lodge and everyday after. Regular visits to the vet for vaccines are important. Puppies get a series of 3 or 4 distemper vaccines, at 6, 9, and 12 weeks of age. Puppies need at least two distemper vaccines to be part of Puppy Pre-K; as well as a bordetella vaccine. Rabies vaccine cannot be given to a puppy until 12 weeks of age, so once your puppy reaches this point they must have this vaccine administered as well. Remember this is all for the safety of your pup! We will require a clean bill of health from your vet before your first day of Pre-K (along with required proof of vaccine).

PUPPY Pre-K is fun! Come play with us! Stay and watch your puppy play!

SATURDAYS at 12:30! Cost is $5 per day!