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Client Survey

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What type of pet did you bring to us? Dog Cat Other
How did you choose Pet Lodge?
  I saw it advertised in the Yellow Pages.
  Found you through the Search Engines.
What services did you use for your pet(s)? Boarding
  Day Care
Your Experience at Pet Lodge: Yes No Comments
My call was answered promptly and I was not put on hold for too long.
It was easy to make a reservation.
Pet Lodge staff members are friendly and courteous.
The staff gave me undivided attention.
The staff properly answered all of my questions.
The staff members are pet lovers and took good care of my pet.
The facility was well maintained, neat, clean and odor-free.
The facility was safe and comfortable for my pet.
My pet was well treated.
Pet lodge fees are reasonable.
Pet Lodge fees are easy to understand.
Pet Lodge offers good value for the money.
My overall experience at Pet Lodge was problem free.
I intend to use Pet Lodge again.
I would recommend Pet Lodge to a friend or family member.
I would like for Pet Lodge to start offering the following services? 
Pet lodge can improve my overall experience by doing the following: 
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