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Check out our video cameras to view pets. No matter where you are in the world, you are only a mouse click away from your favorite companion. To view any of the Adirondack Pet Lodge suites, just click on the links below. Use the "Small Cam" link if you are connected to the internet by a dial-up connection, use the "Large Cam" link if using cable or DSL.

If this is your first time viewing the cameras, you will be prompted to install an Active X Control from Axis Communications. You must install this small program to view our pets. More detailed information about this program can be found at the web site. We use the Axis 2100 Network Camera.

*You may need to disable spyware or popup blockers in order to view pets

Luxury rooms are on a first come first serve basis and please find out which luxury your pet is in before leaving so that you can easily view them while away on vacation. If you are not able to view your dog he/she may be hanging out in the outdoor run and will return on their own.

1 Doggy Daycare
2 Kitty Camp (Temporarily Unavailable)
3 Kitty Camp
4 Mt. Marcy Suite (Temporarily Unavailable)
5 Gothics Mt. Suite
6 Porter Mt. Suite
7 Basin Mt. Suite
8 Pocomoonshine Suite
9 Mt. Colden Suite
10 Blue Mt. Suite
11 Gore Mt. Suite
12 Giant Suite
13 Phelps Mt. Suite
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